Update on the DA

Anita's Theatre Thirroul

Just thought I’d give you all a quick update on what’s happening with DA 2020/363:

  • The developer has been asked by Council to provide a heap of additional / missing information from their DA, and we are led to believe they will be responding to Council in early August. It’s likely the DA will need to be re-exhibited.
  • In the meantime….
  • We have a core committee membership from this group who are meeting regularly to look at ways to educate the community on the DA and lobby for a better outcome. CALL OUT – we are always interested in seeking committed individuals who would like to help us in our community engagement campaign. Please PM via our facebook page or contact us by email if you are interested!
  • We met with the Lord Mayor last week. We were satisfied that he is across the issues facing the northern suburbs with particular reference to traffic congestion. He encouraged us to write to the Minister for Planning Rob Stokes , and the Shadow Minister for Planning Adam Searle to lobby for planning reform to allow local councils to be able to actively participate in major DAs. The current planning system is set up so the state government doesn’t include local communities in making decisions, and effectively operates as a “develop at all costs” model. We will be providing some more information in this regard on our website in the future. We are still not satisfied with the lack of willingness for councillors to take a position on this DA and will continue to seek their involvement. It would be great if all of you could continue to write to the Ward 1 councillors (except for Clr Mithra Cox as she cannot comment).
  • Louise Wellington was interviewed by ABC Illawarra recently but they only aired her comments around traffic

    As always, if anyone has anything to contribute, please post on our facebook page – we would love you to join the conversation.