Developer Advertorial

The developers placed an advertorial in the Illawarra Mercury on Saturday 29 August, unaware of our art installation project on that day. To date the developers have achieved no positive media coverage. Click here to read the full advertorial.

There are a number of claims throughout the advertorial placed by Thirroul Plaza Pty Ltd that appear dubious.

“Locally Driven Development”
80% of the shareholder interests in the development organisation appear to lie outside the Illawarra.

“Designed to work within existing structures and heights …”
The proposed development is three storeys high – there is a two storey limit for the Thirroul Plaza development site. It will completely overpower and dominate the landscape. The image in the advertisement appears to shows the view of the escarpment significantly compromised. It is also likely that the structure will cast shadows across the shops on the eastern side of Lawrence Hargrave Drive, compromising the amenity of existing businesses.

“… while retaining the existing village ambience”
An imposing three storey structure on the existing site is likely to have a significant negative affect on the village ambience.

“… remains lively and modern is important for ensuring the viability into the future”
The live music scene at Beaches Hotel and Anita’s Theatre may be threatened due to noise complaints from the residents of the 82 units. Thirroul is a thriving and vibrant community right now and appears under no threat of becoming non-viable?

The “Community Update” that follows the advertorial content of the advertisement, under “Better Access & Safety. Parking access via King Street only, removing the former hindrance to traffic flow on Lawrence Hargrave Drive.”
The only way into the parking lot at the Plaza is via King Street at present – so nothing has changed – except we are losing around 20 highly viable and valued on-street parking spaces. The developers are trying to justify their development removing the kerb-side parking spaces from Lawrence Hargrave Drive and King Street. No longer will you be able to quickly stop and pop-into the local shops, chemists, Doctor’s surgery etc. The traffic will only be worse with the retail and residential traffic constantly flowing to and from the proposed Plaza development.

This advertisement is likely pre-empting the re-notification of the Thirroul Plaza DA. Keep an eye out for the new DA and voice your objections via the council web site.

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