Admin Update

Council’s assessment of the DA continues. They are still collating the latest round of submissions and referrals from internal experts and external bodies. They expect the final Council assessment report will be finalised in about 2 weeks time. Council had a briefing with the Regional Planning Panel on Wednesday to brief them about the issues across the DA. The minutes from this meeting will be made available on the Southern Regional Planning Panel’s Website next week sometime ( The Council’s report will assess the DA and provide a recommendation to the Panel. Once the Council’s report is finalised (2 weeks time), it will be submitted to the Panel Secretariat. The Secretariat generally sets a date at that point. Submitters will be notified and an ad placed in the Mercury. From experience, it is about 6 weeks from this briefing until the public meeting. The Council officer I spoke with said that this is probably up there with the biggest response to a DA he has experienced in his long (lol) career – up there with the Skydive the Beach DA. Because of the massive amount of submissions he was uncertain how they were going to practically run the public meeting – which at this stage is still likely to be a virtual meeting. He said sometimes the Regional Panels run an information session before the public meeting. He said they may even limit the community’s speakers if everyone is going to talk about the same thing (flagging this for this group to discuss our strategy at a near future date). Once the public meeting is held, a determination is announced, usually about a week later. So timeline is possible public meeting end of November, and determination early / mid December. More info to come as we get it….