What’s next with DA-2020/363?

Now that submissions on the proposal are closed, here’s what we know about what will happen next: Due to the size and nature of the proposal, the decision won’t be made by Wollongong City Council. Instead, they will review the developers proposal and the community feedback and make a recommendation to an independent regional planning panel who will ultimately decide. The panel can come to one of 3 decisions based on the proposal: approve it as is, approve it with conditions or refuse it. As part of the panel’s review process, there will be an opportunity for people who made an objection to the proposal to present at a hearing. Our group fully plans to present on behalf of the community and we would encourage anyone else who feels strongly to do the same. Our group is seeking a meeting with council to get a better understanding of the next steps including the likely timing for the whole process. We will keep the you updated on the review process and our discussions with council via the website and our social channels. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage