We have had an update from Wollongong City Council about the plaza proposal. The council officer we spoke to has told us this was one of the biggest responses to an application he has ever seen #powertothepeople. They are still working through the feedback before they write their report and make a recommendation to the Regional Planning Panel. There have been preliminary discussions between council and the panel this week and the minutes from that meeting will be available on the NSW Planning Portal some time next week. We’ll let you know when they’re there. They are estimating it will take them roughly 2 more weeks to finalise their report and recommendation at which time, it will be passed to the panel who will set a date for the public meeting. Those who made a submission on the DA will be notified via their provided contact information and we will, of course keep everyone updated as well. The panel will then make a decision on the DA shortly after that meeting. If we step out a rough timeline based on similar proposals, it’s likely we will know the outcome by the end of the year. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage