Another Developer Ad

This weekend saw another paid ad by the Plaza developers in @illawarramerc. They are calling these “community updates” but these ads don’t offer any insight into the process, or offer any avenue for community feedback. These ads also completely ignore the issues raised by the community and include vague and misleading information about the development. As an example, this ad speaks a lot about the economic benefits the development will generate. However, there is no evidence any of these benefits will be felt outside the development itself. In fact, our independently conducted urban economic and design report found this development will likely have a negative impact on Thirroul’s overall economic and social performance. It also claims removing street parking is an improvement for the village. During our engagement with the community, we’re yet to meet 1 person or business who wished there was less street parking in Thirroul. They are claiming to fix a problem which, to our knowledge, doesn’t exist. In fact, the reduction in street parking is one of the community’s major concerns with this proposal. It is also worth noting these updates only began after the developer had made their application to Council and not while they were designing the plaza redevelopment. It’s true, the developer is not obliged to discuss their plans with the community or ask for input. But, when they themselves are calling this development a “community hub” the only reason we can see for avoiding community consultation is because they’re not genuinely trying to design something that will benefit the community. If the developer would like to engage in some REAL community consultation, we would be happy to meet with them on behalf of the community to discuss the concerns raised with us. If they’re interested in taking up our offer, our contact details are listed on our website. We notice theirs aren’t. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage